Umbrella US

You can Open Doors for ND Belonging with us in a variety of ways.

Who are we?

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Umbrella Alliance US is a nonprofit organization addressing economic insecurity of neurodivergent individuals by taking informed, organized, and focused action toward sustainable change in education, employment, healthcare, and social protection practices for people in this community.

How can you be involved?

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Join Our Community

There are a variety of ways to get involved. Choose which way(s) work best for you.

Take Action with Support

You have great ideas for community change. Let us help you make it happen!

Donate & Support

Support our projects through monetary donations or sponsorships.

Why is our mission important?

Nearly 3/4 of the ND population experiences economic insecurity related to not only our financial independence, but also our ability to actively and meaningfully engage in the community.


Everybody deserves access to food, shelter, education, healthcare, and meaningful pathways to safely engage in the community. Because of systemic, cultural, and social barriers, a majority of ND Adults do not have that access and the ones who do are at constant risk of losing it.

The ND23 Project

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ND23 aims to bring neurodivergent people and our allies together to develop a global agenda that improves the lives of our community members. In recognition of our diversity as human beings with a variety of life experiences, we want to create a space that honors that diversity while defining a common goal, giving a voice to those who need one, and creating opportunities for those voices to be heard.


As a global community, we will work – present-focused and future-centered – to move forward together with an engaged and cohesive presence.