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Today’s Autistic Moment: Neuroqueer: Another Coming Out with guest Nick Walker

October 11th is National Coming Out Day for LGBTQIA+ people.  There is another group of people coming out that needs to be recognized for who we are and celebrated. According to Nick Walker, the author of Neuroqueer Heresies: Notes on the Neurodiversity Paradigm, Autistic Empowerment, and Postnormal Possibilities being Neurodivergent "means having a mind that functions in […]

Today’s Autistic Moment: An Untypical Worldview with guest, Pete Wharmby

Pete Wharmby's latest book is Untypical: How the World Isn't Built for Autistic People and What We Should All Do About It. In the book Pete wrote: "Imagine a world where people can say 'Oh, do you mind if we don't shake hands? I'm Autistic, you see,' and be acknowledged and treated as an equal." What […]

College Autism Summit 2023

Vanderbilt University - Student Life Center 310 25th Ave. S., Nashville, TN, United States

College Autism Summit 2023 The College Autism Summit brings together scholars, practitioners, administrators, employers, and self- advocates to discuss evidence-driven strategies that help support college students with autism and related learning differences. October 18-20, 2023, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN Join us for an in-person event! We are offering a preconference workshop on building or improving a program, over 30 […]

ND & N-O!: A Neurodiversity Podcast for ND Self-Advocates & Allies – Meet Your Host, Genie V

Welcome to "ND & ‘N-O!’” - the podcast that empowers neurodivergent folks to say "NO!" to what doesn’t work for them and “YES!” to what does!    Brought to you by Umbrella US, the ND23 Project, and hosted by Genie V, this podcast is your Self-Advocacy sidekick.   Whether you're a neurodivergent self-advocate, a caregiver, […]


Today’s Autistic Moment: Overlapping Triggers and Soothers in Autistic Relationships with guest, Ashlyn Baker

Each Autistic individual has their own sensory profile.  When different Autistics are in the same space, their sensory triggers and soothers overlap. This scenario is very common for Autistic parents with Autistic children, or Autistics as spouses or roommates, or as coworkers.  How do Autistics negotiate our triggers and soothers?  What are some strategies we […]

A Peek Under the Umbrella – Community Update – November 2023

We are excited to invite you to our upcoming Monthly Community Update with our Executive Director, AJ Locashio. This event serves as a valuable platform for us to come together as a community, share important updates, and engage in meaningful discussions. 🗓️ Date: Monday, November 6, 2023 🕒 Time: 8am PT / 10 am CT […]

The WorkEND: A Neurodiversity Podcast

It's the end of work as you know it! Welcome to "WorkEND: A Neurodiversity Podcast," a monthly panel discussion exploring the innovative world of neurodivergent individuals redefining work. Join us as we share unique perspectives, experiences, and ideas.   Brought to you by Umbrella US and hosted by the fabulous Salena Gavin, this platform features […]

Today’s Autistic Moment: Positive Therapy Options for Autistics with guest Sarah Dwan

Finding therapy options that affirm Autistic Adults to live into their full potential is very challenging.  Positive therapy for Autistics helps them build on their strengths while addressing the trauma that coms from stigma and ableism. During this important show, Sarah Dwan will talk about the therapy options that are out there, but often not […]