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Today’s Autistic Moment: Suicide Prevention for Autistic Adults with guest, Lisa Morgan

According to a study by Cassidy et al in 2018, 66% of newly diagnosed Autistic Adults experienced suicidal ideation. That is 17% above the general population. There are many reasons why Autistic Adults experience suicidal ideation. Lisa Morgan returns to Today's Autistic Moment at the beginning of Suicide Prevention Month to discuss suicide prevention for […]

Today’s Autistic Moment: Conflict Resolution with guest, Devon Price

Autistic Adults face more conflict than just about any group of people.  Our challenges with verbal and nonverbal communication, finding our social support networks that understand us, and dealing daily with our disabilities can burn us out. Autistics need strategies for conflict resolution. Dr. Devon Price returns to Today's Autistic Moment to help us understand […]

Today’s Autistic Moment: An Untypical Worldview with guest, Pete Wharmby

Pete Wharmby's latest book is Untypical: How the World Isn't Built for Autistic People and What We Should All Do About It. In the book Pete wrote: "Imagine a world where people can say 'Oh, do you mind if we don't shake hands? I'm Autistic, you see,' and be acknowledged and treated as an equal." What […]

Today’s Autistic Moment: Overlapping Triggers and Soothers in Autistic Relationships with guest, Ashlyn Baker

Each Autistic individual has their own sensory profile.  When different Autistics are in the same space, their sensory triggers and soothers overlap. This scenario is very common for Autistic parents with Autistic children, or Autistics as spouses or roommates, or as coworkers.  How do Autistics negotiate our triggers and soothers?  What are some strategies we […]

Today’s Autistic Moment: Positive Therapy Options for Autistics with guest Sarah Dwan

Finding therapy options that affirm Autistic Adults to live into their full potential is very challenging.  Positive therapy for Autistics helps them build on their strengths while addressing the trauma that coms from stigma and ableism. During this important show, Sarah Dwan will talk about the therapy options that are out there, but often not […]