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The WorkEnd A Neurodiversity Podcast November 2023 Episode Cover Art

The WorkEND: A Neurodiversity Podcast

It’s the end of work as you know it! Welcome to “WorkEND: A Neurodiversity Podcast,” a monthly panel discussion exploring the innovative world of neurodivergent individuals redefining work. Join us as we share unique perspectives, experiences, and ideas.   Brought to you by Umbrella US and hosted by the fabulous

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College Autism Summit 2023 logo

College Autism Summit 2023

College Autism Summit 2023 The College Autism Summit brings together scholars, practitioners, administrators, employers, and self- advocates to discuss evidence-driven strategies that help support college students with autism and related learning differences. October 18-20, 2023, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN Join us for an in-person event! We are offering a preconference workshop on building or

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Today’s Autistic Moment: Conflict Resolution with guest, Devon Price

Autistic Adults face more conflict than just about any group of people.  Our challenges with verbal and nonverbal communication, finding our social support networks that understand us, and dealing daily with our disabilities can burn us out. Autistics need strategies for conflict resolution. Dr. Devon Price returns to Today’s Autistic

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Announcement for Webinar, Lost in Translation: What's Missing in the Strengths-Based Approach for Autistic Workers

Lost in Translation: What’s Missing in the Strengths-Based Approach for Autistic Workers

Organized by Organization for Autism Research, Hire Autism Presenter: AJ Locashio, Executive Director, Umbrella Alliance US In this webinar, AJ will identify the missing components of most programs taking a strengths-based approach when hiring autistic workers and explain how employers and employees can make this practice more effective. AJ will also explore a variety of relevant topics including intersectionality including, disability, minority stress, mental

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